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Rambling Archives:

Heehee! This page is finally online! This is where I will reveal the up-and-coming stuff! Note that it is dated the day I post it, not the day it's gonna happen/be available.

3rd April, 2003:
Currently working on a 'Legend of Zelda' based website to sister Metroid Power. The URL is sorted, just completing the code and uploading. Add it to your favorites, click here for the info. Yeah, and to coincide with its release, I am creating a LOZ game using mainly the sprites on Golden Hylian.
Enough of Zelda, down to Metroid! Yeah, this is where the action is! Currently working on multiple projects, a Sheegoth sprite being one of these. For those of you who haven't played Metroid Prime and don't know what a Sheegoth is, they are huge creatures capable of freezing Samus and dealing massive damage - and that's just the infants! So, obviously, these would be a cool addition to Metroid Resurrection (if you happen to know where there are some Sheegoth sprites, please contact me with the URL via the contact page). Which brings me to my next point, Metroid Resurrection. Soory folks, you aren't getting your hands on this anytime soon! I've drawn out the storyline and have the basic outline of a few of the levels, but nothing major yet. I've got some screenshots here, so you can drool over these. Basically, Metroid Resurrection will actually involve gaining new items and heading back to areas you've visited to use them in new places. Typical Metroid! That's all for the first Ramblings! Keep watching!