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Update Archives:

29th March 2003:
How cool is this! Look on the bar! I have added a new area, METROID CONTROLS. Click 'Spawn a Metroid' and a Metroid will start to roam around the screen! You can then use the controls to control it!

31st March 2003:
Finally added the midi page. Note that you can't download the midis, just listen to them. However, I have included instructions of how to download them on the midi page!
Also added the emulators, now you can download 2 consoles onto your PC and play classic games (such as Super Metroid!).

3rd April 2003:
ACK! How could I? I put this site online without Space Pirate Sprites! Meybe no-one will notice (Umm... yeah. Seeing as you just put it on the updates page... -Mother Brain). Oh well, they're on there now. Just head to the Misc Sprites section (I would give 'em their own place on the navigation bar could I be bothered to type it up all those times then upload it all, again, such is the downfall of typing up my own HTML rather than using a site builder (I have a firm hate for site-builders, they aren't as good and don't look as good as home-brewed HTML - curse you MS Frontpage!), oh well, nevermind). Oh well. Also added a couple of new links, the Supermetroid ROM (Emulator) is now online. Also, the Praise Ridley feature has been added! So, C'mon! Praise me (please, please, please do NOT reply to the EMail sent if you add a praise, it isn't checked and the EMail is an Auto-Reply. Also note that Praise Ridley is monitored by me (I only put up the decent and viewable ones (no coulorful language please) so please take that in to mind when you send OK? Also, the Ramblings page is online! This is only accessable by this link (besides typing in the URL).

12th April 2003:
Added a Meta-Ridley Sprite (Sprites-Ridley) by Semijuggalo. I actually was bothered to put together a Metroid Power banner too! So now you guys have NO EXCUSE to link to us (remember that you still need our permission, we haven't turned anyone down yet!)! Also created a banner for The Golden Hylian (see the Ramblings page for more - and we have a banner for Darkstar too. Not much but I'm hoping to obliterate the text links and replace them with banners where possible. Unfortunately, some sites will need text links... Maybe next time I'll have posted more stuff. Still no news on the Sheegoth sprites...