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It is worth noting that it is illegal to supply an emulator with the ROMS, they have to be downloaded seperately (goodness only knows why...). Below is a SNES Emulator (ZSnes) and a NES Emulator (Nesticle).


ZSNES-Requires WinZip to open. Requires DirectX8 or higher to run.
Nesticle-Requires WinZip to open.


Super Metroid (ZSnes)-Requires WinZip to open.
-Please note I am attempting to locate a Metroid ROM. If you know where there is one, please tell me the URL via the contact page. Please do not attempt to send me files!

Files on Metroid Power tend to be zipped. This is due to the virus dangers of the internet. Zip files reduce file size and prevent viruses, however, they require WinZip to open. You can get WinZip free here.