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Hello and welcome to Metroid Power! Please ignore the banners at the top of each page, they are the price I pay for this website (I am not paying with my money!). Okay, if you are looking for anything to do with any Metroid games (not including non-lalgo (Live & Learn Gaming Online) fangames) then you've come to the right place! Use the bar on the left to navigate the site. Please note that this site is 100% un-official and so is not in any way joined to Nintendo or any of Nintendo's branches so we are free to do and say as we see fit. If you haven't played any Metroid games yet, then start wondering why in hell's teeth you're here and download an emulator version before you realise just how dull your life has been!

Please note that if you are new to the site, a visit to the 'The Rules' page would be worthwhile.

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